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Usaha Kreatif Indonesia

Our Background

We are an IT-based company providing one stop solutions from consultation to application development. Our team consists of passionate, creative, highly qualified young soul professionals who are ready to give you the best solution to achieve your goals through technology.

Our Service

What We Do

We develop applications to help users accomplish certain task or activities based on a set of requirements. They can be built as mobile application or web-based application
Website Design
Information pages which can be accessed worldwide through the internet ranging from exclusive company profile to complex e-commerce system.
Search Engine Optimization
Building brand and maximizing marketing activities through Search Engine Optimization.
Digital Marketing
Defining an effective digital marketing strategy for the right market to improve brand or product awareness.

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Why Choose UKI

Advanced & Innovative Tools

We use advanced and cutting-edge tools to ensure clients to get the best products and future proof.

Free Consultation

When clients have undefined problems related to IT, we can give free consultation to help clients understand their IT needs.

International Company Connection

We have a broad network locally and internationally to provide a maximum service.